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When Mauro got his first piano at the age of 7, he did not expect that his musical path would guide him into the realm of electronic music. Infected by a friend, there was no stopping the 15 year old Mauro in early '93. Under the guise of KRUSTY he made his nationwide mark in Jungle Breakbeats, 2Step, Big Beats up to Breaks and always succeeded in putting the crowd under his spell.

Mauro has been involved in a number of scenes and lived out a lot of facets such as Trip Hop, Turntableism and DJ'd at a musical called HAIR. After a long musical journey, Mauro found his way into the Techno and House scene in 2006 before finally getting his production hat on and releasing his first track CALM WATER in 2011 on Hamburg label "der Turnbeutel".


Whilst this opened the door for him, Mauro also runs his own label based in Bremen called AUDITIVE since the end of 2011, releasing music of the same genre and putting on collaborative AUDITIVE nights.

The network around MAURO BASSO thrives and prospers! This is how he succeeded in releasing a diversified repertoire of music on various labels in a short period of time. With gigs in Spain, Switzerland and nationwide in Germany he always captures his audience to go with him on a new voyage and impresses through many years experience. We welcome Mauro to Dino Audio with wide open Trex arms :D

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